Sarcoptic Mange Homoeopathy

Just why is it that the homoeopathic remedy that we send out works in 99% of all cases, considering that the remedy doesn’t kill the mange mite?

Why is it that Sarcoptic Mange doesn’t pass from one fox to another as easily as we are led to believe?

Why is it that a fox suffering badly from Sarcoptic Mange can actually be killed rather than cured with conventional medicine?

Why does veterinary treatment often either not prevent re-infestation or does nothing for the condition or go undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed?

Firstly, to discover how the homoeopathic remedy (Arsenicum alb & Sulphur 30c) we send out works we need to know what it actually does to the animal. Well the answer lays in the fact that it treats the skin. With this in mind it’s obviously a fair assumption to believe that the skin must have originally been in poor condition to allow the mange mite to successfully breed.

With the results of the skin scrapes and blood tests we feel that one of the main reasons that foxes suffer from mange is because of the individual diet of the animal – like people, they are what they eat. The foxes we deal with are predominately town or city orientated, and whilst it is suggested that the town fox’s diet doesn’t differ greatly from that of their country cousins the major difference we feel is in the scavenged items consumed by the former.

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