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Since all our work is voluntary, no donation will be spent on wages, and because the fox is our main priority we do not waste money on colour leaflets or other advertising gimmicks. Every penny raised will be used to help the fox. If you wish to make a donation to help us and our foxes please click on the amount you wish to donate below.
£5.00 Will pay for a bottle of medication to cure one fox suffering from the dreadful condition of Sarcoptic Mange.
£10.00 Will buy food for two foxes in care, for roughly a week.
£15.00 Will pay for one heat pad to keep young or injured foxes warm.
£25.00 Will help pay for life saving treatment for an injured fox
£60.00 Will buy one fox carrier.
£90.00 Will pay for one grasper (part of the essential equipment used to catch injured foxes), or provide care for one fox cub until rehabilitated back to the wild.
£125.00 Will pay for one cage trap, used for catching injured foxes that are still mobile.
£250.00 Will fully equip one rescuer.
£350.00 Will buy a home for two foxes that cannot be released.
Other items always needed are: shredded paper, dog and cat food, office stationery & equipment, computer equipment eg, computers, printers, monitors and keyboards, fax machines and photocopiers

Thank you, Derbyshire Fox Rescue

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